Good looking, hard earned, FRESH PATINA. The 2015 'Amelia' (soon).

Jealousy seeps in this time every year. It is the week after the Amelia Island Concours and photog after photog are posting endless, beautiful sets of photos. Meanwhile, I'm busy downloading and encoding mammoth video files before I can even think about editing, let alone sharing. Ah, filmmaking. »3/30/15 12:56pm3/30/15 12:56pm

This Is $150 Million Worth Of Ferraris On A Ferry

What you see here is a flock of the most desirable Ferraris ever built — all assembled on a single ferry. That includes a huge percentage of the entire GTO production run. An estimated $160 million worth of Italian metal calmly crossing the sea. Even the police escort is impressed. What's going on here? »4/12/13 8:30pm4/12/13 8:30pm

Watch $150 Million Of Classic Ferraris On The Move

Remember that picture of $150 million in Ferraris on a ferry heading to the Amelia Island Councours d'Elegance? Now you can see and hear those GTOs rumble through the show and roar down public roads, all shot by the same photographer. »4/12/13 8:30pm4/12/13 8:30pm